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Changes of the number of guests staying.

Customers with resercation from our official website, please select the accommodation and change the number of guest staying form the “booking comfirmation”page.
I fyou have reserved through other booking sites, please change from the websites of your booking.
*Please be noted that cancelation fee might occur if the change is within cancelation policy dates.

You can also contact us from the “contact us”page, but please specify your check in date, name, and the accommodation name.
We will contact you for confirmation, so please be certain to correspond for concrete change.

Plan changes such as optional breakfast.

If you wish to add optional plans such as adding breakfast to your reservation, please contact us by 2 days prior to your check-in date.
Please pay by cash or credit card at the time of your check-in.

If you wish to send your luggage from home to the accommodation.
Please check the precautions below and send your luugage to our OFFICE.
1. Please contact us to let us know that you will send your luggage.
2. Please specify the delivery date (your check-in date) and time (2-4PM).
3. Please specify the sender as your booking name with the check-in date.
4. Please be noted that we will not be responsible for the delay of your luggage due to the delay of delivery.
<Office kyo no oozora>
2st floor of KM Building, 496-2 Koyanagi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, 600-8322 Phone :+81-75-925-6833
〒600-8322 京都市下京区小柳町496-2 KMビル2階
Checking in your luggage before check in time.
If you wish to check in your luggage before our check-in time(3PM), please select from the 2 ways below and let us know by 2 days prior to your check-in date. RESERVATION NEEDED.
TIME: 10:00-14:00
PLACE: Office kyo no oozora
3st floor of KM Building, 496-2 Koyanagi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, 600-8812  Google Map
Please come to our office at your reserved time.
1. We will need some time for check-in procedures and for room information.
2. Please make the payment here for your stay and for the accommodation tax.
3. We will keep your luggage at teh office until the cleaning service is done, and your luggage will be delivered to the house by our staff from 15:00-18:00.
4.You can enter the room after 3pm.
【Please note】
*) You must book in advance for a specific time within hourly increments.If you do not arrive within the pre-booked time, staff will not be available as they will be away from the office to prepare the room. Please note that time changes on the day cannot be accepted.
*) During peak periods (28 Dec – 3 Jan / 19 Mar – 10 Apr / 29 Apr – 5 May / 10-17 Aug / 15 Nov – 8 Dec), advance luggage storage is generally suspended. Please use the following paid services.
*) Please note that the following items cannot be checked in. (Refrigerated/frozen foodstuffs (excluding items that have been kept cold by the customer), musical instruments, items that are deemed too heavy to transport, items that are deemed dangerous goods, and other items that are deemed difficult to check in or deliver).
\1,000/per luggage
TIME: 9:00-14:00
PLACE: “Kyoto Delivery Service”
Hachijo-guchi exit located on the south side of Kyoto station  Map
1. Please check in your luggage within the check in time (9:00-14:00)
2. Please fill in the necessary information (accommodation name, reservation name, your phone #), and make your payment for the luggages here.
3. The luggage will be delivered to us by the “Kyoto Dellivery Service”, and our staff will put the luggage in your reserved accommodation.
4. Please come to the accommodation at the time of your reserved check-in time. Our staff will welcome you at the accommodation for check in procedures and welcome tea service.
About check-in and check-out time.
Check-in time: 15:00-19:00 / Check-out time: until 10:00 or 11:00 (sorry, no delay will be allowed) 
Under the strict rules of the City of Kyoto, guests are required to check in with staffs at the accommodation. We are sorry but self-check-in is not allowed.