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A taste of Kyoto amidst a vibrant, modern setting

A bright, vibrant, and modern interior
that belies its 100-year history.
The exciting bathroom that fuses as one,
through stylish innovation,
with the Zen rock garden.
Cast your gaze up the sturdy beams
to catch a glimpse of the rustic history of a Kyo-Machiya house.
Elegant, refined articles on display,
through which shines time-honored craftsmanship.
“The future, the present, and ancient history”
“Tradition within innovation”
A warm breeze with a familiar feeling
soothes your soul,
and gently takes you into its embrace.
All this and more await you here.

Why Choose Oozora

A special time
spent in modern,
open setting

An open space that expands out before your very eyes. Relish passing the time in a modern, stylish setting where the bathroom and living room fuse seamlessly with the Kyoto-style Zen rock garden and the garden that changes color with the seasons.

Discover a sense of
history and craftsmanship
in a Kyo-Machiya house

Grand beams and columns as far as the eye can see, hinting at the Kyo-Machiya house’s rich sense of history. A design that not only incorporates modern sensibilities, but also upholds Kyoto tradition. There is something to discover for everyone.


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Dining / Living room

A garden that exudes a sense of history that comes with the rustic charm of a Kyo-Machiya house built some 100 years ago. The Japanese tatami floor room offers the chance to relax and take in views of the lush green garden that has long been adorned with seasonal color while alleviating all strain on your feet in the sunken kotatsu. Take a moment to rest on a finely crafted zaisu legless chair or Kyoto’s traditional sitting cushion as you take in the refined elegance of the Japanese tatami floor room, dotted with ornaments exhibiting the finest craftsmanship. Comfortable chairs are also conveniently located in full view of the garden on the veranda. Sit back and relax, passing the time while taking in views of the garden, coffee in hand. Such a moment spent in luxury is not to be missed.

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We spared We spared no expense in the pursuit of “sleeping comfort” in our bedding. The mattress atop the bed is a “Simmons”. Daitou Shingu’s original 10cm thick futon is used as the futon mattress. This bedding offers the ultimate in comfort and allows easy tossing and turning, perfect for those with back pain. The top coverlet is a light, warm down quilt. Our room concierge is on hand to select the top coverlet from the thin, combination, and dual-layer quilts according to the season, ensuring you a comfortable night’s sleep all year round.

Magnificent Kumiko woodwork that exudes craftsmanship

An Ojami Zabuton cushion and stool for optimal comfort

A bathroom integrated with a garden that changes color with the season

Kyoto’s traditional Karakami paperwork


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Bathroom and Amenities

The bathroom is separated from the garden with an all-glass finish, giving the sense of bathing within nature’s garden. The bathing experience on offer gives the feeling of being at a resort. The garden lights up at night, making for an even more mystical spectacle. Shampoos and washroom amenities from the brand Esthe Royer, which feature a refreshing aroma that could be mistaken for a beauty salon, are available for you to use.

■ Facilities
Large TV, kitchen, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle, refrigerator, cups and plates, drum-type washer/dryer, hair dryer, security box, free Wi-Fi

■ Amenities
Shampoo/conditioner, body wash, make-up remover, face wash, face lotion/milk, toothbrushes, hair brushes, razor, body washing towel, bath towels, face towels, samue garments (comfortable room wear)

Room details

Villa-type Kyo-Machiya house for exclusive use: 1st floor (living and dining space, kitchen (with stove), bathroom, toilet), 2nd floor (main bedroom with 2 single beds & 1 additional bed, bedroom with 2 futon sets, toilet)


Enjoy “Shojin Ryori” a traditional Zen vegetarian dish, “Cha Kaiseki” a light meal served at a tea ceremony, and “Kaiseki Ryori” a Japanese full-course cuisine from a traditional Japanese restaurant.

*Meal inclusive plans only


Zen vegetarian breakfast
Japanese breakfast


Japanese full-course dinner
Zen vegetarian dinner
Meal for infants

*Other seasonal meals are also available.
*Please be noted that the restaurants may not be available during seasons such as the end of the year.


Check-in time3PM-7PM (If you wish to check in early (10AM-2PM), please make a reservation to check in at our office. See here for more information.)
Check-out time10or11AM (Check-out times cannot be extended/Hours vary depending on the time of year. )
Address292 Higuchicho, Aburanokoji-dori Matsubara-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City 600-8458

From Kyoto Station

11-minute walk from Gojo Station on the Subway Karasuma Line

At Kyoto Station, board the Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line bound for Kokusaikaikan (Kyoto International Conference Center) and get off at the first stop (1 minute away) at Gojo Station.
11-minute walk from Gojo Station

By Kyoto City Bus

4-minute walk from Horikawa Matsubara bus stop

Traveling by bus from Kyoto Station
Take the bus bound for Nijo-jo Castle

By car

Guests arriving by car

We don’t have a parking space at our hotel.
When arriving by car, please use one of the many paid parking spots located within a 1- to 5-minute walk (daytime maximum fee of 900 yen and up).

Special Experiences

Experiences on offer include trying your hand at Kyoto’s traditional Karakami paperwork, which dates back to the Heian period, taking a stroll in a rented kimono, or making Kyoto-style confectionary at a discount price at our partner facilities.

*Optional plans

Kyo-KARAKAMI Paper Experience
Pottery class

List of Accommodations

Kyo no Oozora Gion Kawasemi

Kyo no Oozora Gion Kihana

Kyo no Oozora Gion Fuka Kikyou

Kyo no Oozora Gion Fuka Yamabuki

Kyo no Oozora Saika Ori no Yado

Kyo no Oozora Gion Houka – West

Kyo no Oozora Gion Houka – East

KyoMachiya Koyado Kyo no Oozora