Feel the artistic traditional Kyoto and
spend your time as if you live here.
Diversity - One and only -
Villa type rental MACHIYA house


"OOZORA" means "big sky" in Japanese. The sky above us is always so different.
The clear blue gives us freshness and strength, the sunset red gives us relief.
The clouds that covers the sun, and the rain reminds us of our sad feelings, but the seeing the sun gives us hope again.
From your city to the city of Kyoto, we have the same sky, and we hope to be the BIG SKY to you,
always welcoming you with warmth.

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  • HOUKA-west-

    Traditional and gorgeous
    A “Machiya” well furnished with tradition and splendor. Experience the real Kyoto`s “Machiya” life holiday.
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    -HOUKA-west- Living room
  • HOUKA-east-

    Spacious and relaxation
    You can experience this real “Machiya”`s history by looking up the ceiling once you stepped in the house. Let yourself feel the relaxing and slow time just to enjoy your holiday.
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    HOUKA-east-Inside view
    HOUKA-east- Appearance
  • Machiya Oozora

    Feel your self at home in the real “Kyo Machiya”
    It is not just a rental house. You will feel like it is your other home located in Kyoto… You will find yourself feeling at home.
    More about Machiya Oozora
    Kyo-no-OOZORA Inside view
    Kyo-no-OOZORA Inside view

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Certified “KOMINKA”
KOMINKA : An old house in Japanese.

With highly designed and atmosphere of Japanese traditional culture,
and promise to a safe and comfortable stay,
“HOUKA” is the first certified “KOMINKA” accommodation facility in Kyoto.

With our wish for our customer`s comfortable and safe stay, we are appraised by the Japan Kominka Associaton.
We are the first accommodation in Kyoto certified with “Superior Quality”.