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A sophisticated getaway hidden in the heart of Gion

A sophisticated getaway that offers the finest in minimalist luxury found just off the Shirakawa River,
which flows through the center of Gion.
The elegant Kyo-Machiya house lining the rear of a narrow alleyway
resembles a small private ryokan.
A single-story lounge with views of the garden
and a two-story Machiya house opposite an inner courtyard with bamboo flittering in the wind.
Enjoy time spent in luxury as you pass between the two buildings.
While enjoying Kyoto’s finest sake glistening in a gold leaf glass,
find your own extraordinary,
one-of-a-kind experience here.

Why Choose Oozora

A Japanese cypress wood
bathtub along with two gardens
each with different charms

Two gardens, each providing a different atmosphere, face the Lounge Building and Guestroom Building, respectively. Take in relaxing views of a garden lit by refined garden lanterns, and the more modern aesthetic of a garden featuring swaying bamboo ensconced by the rich aroma of Japanese cypress. Just taking it all in is enough to relax your heart and mind.

The sense of luxury
found passing between
two elegant buildings

Given the narrow alleyway in which it is located, you could never imagine how Gion Kawasemi expands out across a spacious area featuring two Kyo-Machiya houses facing opposite across an inner courtyard. Adorning a pair of sandals to travel between the two buildings gives a feeling of luxury, almost as though you have rented out a small inn just for yourself. This extraordinary experience of freely moving between the two buildings is not to be missed.


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Lounge Building

Gion Kawasemi is a sophisticated getaway only open to one group of guests per day, and features a pair of Kyo-Machiya houses with an inner courtyard lying in between. The single-story Lounge Building is located at the rear of the site, and opens up to provide an expansive space with views of the grand beams that line the ceiling. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by an adorable kingfisher painting by the contemporary artist, Manami Kyuta, a temple colorist who painted the picture specifically for this inn. From there, you can opt to lose track of time while gazing out at the changing face of the garden as the sun passes across the sky while relaxing on the raised tatami floor, or the comfortable sofa adorned in the color of kingfisher feathers.
The lounge is complete with a mini kitchen, and features Kyo no Oozora’s first “all-inclusive mini-bar”.
The mini-bar offers a full range of beverages and tasty treats to further enrich your time here, including local Kyoto wine, Japanese sake, craft beer, soft drinks, and Kyoto pickles and sweets to nibble on, as well as the finest sencha green tea from the long-renowned teahouse, Ippodo, and high-quality coffee. Sit back and relax in extraordinary surroundings while enjoying your favorite drink.

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Guestroom Building: Bedroom, Japanese tatami floor room, bathroom

Immediately upon passing through the entrance, you are greeted by an earthen floor passage garden stretching across the Kyo-Machiya house. This houses the two-story Guestroom Building. On the first floor are the hall and bathroom, while the second floor gives way to the main bedroom and a Japanese tatami floor room. The main bedroom overlooks rows of tiled roofs distinctive of Kyo-Machiya houses, offering a quiet reprieve that can make it difficult to believe that you are staying in the heart of the city. Across the hallway lies a Japanese tatami floor room with fusuma sliding doors giving an attractive modern aesthetic that features traditional Kyo-Karakami paperwork of Kyoto. Why not sit back and relax on the legless sofa to enjoy a spot of reading? You can also find a mini-bar in the hallway for added comfort for guests staying in the Guestroom Building. This way you can enjoy drinks without the need to travel to and from the Lounge Building. This room also features a walk-in closet, perfect for finding a place to put your luggage when on an extended stay.
After the sun goes down, experience a great night’s sleep on the Simmons semi-double bed, or our original bedding provided in the Japanese tatami floor room — offering sleeping comfort so great it is hard to believe you are lying on a futon.

The kingfisher painting by Manami Kyuta set in a Kumiko woodwork frame

The Karakami paper sliding doors with exquisite craftsmanship

Hana-Kessho Kyo Ware (Kiyomizu Ware) washbowls

Relax and unwind with Kyoto drinks


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Bathroom and Amenities

The bathroom on the first floor of the Guestroom Building faces a beautiful inner courtyard, complete with bamboo and a Zen rock garden. The garden has been painstakingly arranged by a gardener who services the gardens of many famous temples. The Zen rock garden is laid out in the shape of a tortoiseshell that changes in appearance at different angles and times of day. The special cypress bath features exquisite design sensibilities. Open the window to the side of the bath to have the bath extend out into the garden, giving the sense of bathing in an outdoor bath. At night, relax as the scent of the cypress bath seeps in as you pass the time while gazing out at the whimsical garden lit up by spotlights scattered throughout.
The washbowls in the washroom are made of Kyo Ware (Kiyomizu Ware), and glitter like flower crystal, giving off a more extravagant atmosphere.

■ Facilities
TV, kitchen, microwave, coffee maker (NESPRESSO), electric kettle, refrigerator, cups and plates, drum-type washer and dryer, hair dryer (Dyson), air purifier, free Wi-Fi

■ Amenities
Shampoo/conditioner, body wash, make-up remover, face wash, face lotion/milk, toothbrushes, hair brushes, razor, body washing towel, cotton/cotton buds, bath towels, face towels, samue garments (made using double gauze cloth for a softer touch)

■ All-inclusive mini-bar (free)
Tamba Wine (red), Japanese sake (Masuda Tokubei Junmai Ginjo), craft beer (Nishijin Beer), coffee, sencha & hojicha tea (Ippodo), apple juice, carbonated water, mineral water, welcome snacks (Kyo Tsukemono Mori/Kameya Yoshinaga)
 *Prepared according to the number of staying guests. Fees apply for additional refreshments.

Room details

Villa-type Kyo-Machiya house for exclusive use: Living Building (single-story) / lounge, kitchen, raised tatami-floored area; Guestroom Building (two-story) / main bedroom, Japanese tatami floor room, bathroom, hall, walk-in closet, minibar, 2 toilets

Bedding: 2 semi-double beds (120cm wide), 3 futon sets (prepared according to the number of staying guests)


Enjoy “Shojin Ryori” a traditional Zen vegetarian dish, “Cha Kaiseki” a light meal served at a tea ceremony, and “Kaiseki Ryori” a Japanese full-course cuisine from a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Meal inclusive plans are also available.


Zen vegetarian breakfast
Japanese breakfast


Japanese full-course dinner
Italian dinner at Scorpione Gion (1-minute walk)
Seasonal dining

*We can make other meal recommendations according to your budget, and recommend restaurants in the area.
*Please be noted that the restaurants may not be available during seasons such as the end of the year.


Check-in time3PM-7PM (If you wish to check in early (10AM-2PM), please make a reservation to check in at our office. See here for more information.)
Check-out time10or11AM (Check-out times cannot be extended/Hours vary depending on the time of year. )
Address236-3 Nakanocho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City 605-0082

From Gion-shijo Station

5-minute walk from Keihan Railway Gion-shijo Station
9-minute walk from Kyoto City Subway Higashiyama Station

We recommend taking the Keihan Railway train if you are traveling from Osaka.

By Kyoto City Bus

4-minute walk from Chion-in-mae bus stop

Traveling by bus from Kyoto Station
Get on the Kyoto City Bus #206 Line bound for Kitaoji Bus Terminal from the D2 stop in the bus terminal in front of Kyoto Station.

By car

Guests arriving by car

We don’t have a parking space at our hotel.
When arriving by car, please use one of the many paid parking spots located within a 1- to 5-minute walk (daytime maximum fee of 1,200 yen and up).

Special Experiences

Experiences on offer include trying your hand at Kyoto’s traditional Karakami paperwork, which dates back to the Heian period, taking a stroll in a rented kimono, or making Kyoto-style confectionary at a discount price at our partner facilities.

*Optional plans

Kyo-KARAKAMI Paper Experience
Pottery class

List of Accommodations

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