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Lined with magnificent beams that are a historic remnant of the Machiya houseGlamorous lighting on the open ceiling

The magnificent open ceiling expands out
as soon as you pass through the entrance.
The beams that extend to the ceiling reveal hints of the building’s past.
The down-to-earth simplicity of the reworked earthen walls.
Lights with varying expressions
warmly illuminate
this wide open space.
Change the lighting to suit your mood,
from brightly shimmering light for a vibrant feel,
to subtle illumination that creates an air of wonder.
Why not enjoy a grand old time
befitting that of Kyoto’s geisha district, “Gion”.
“The past, the present, and the future”
“Tradition and innovation”
A refreshing new breeze blows
and seeps into every pore.
Somehow inspiring you in your journey ahead,
all this and more await you here.

Why Choose Oozora

A modern space
with a picturesque

At the rear of the modern Machiya house with a rich sense of history lies a bamboo and rock garden that exudes a Kyoto-like charm. The garden is placed above the eyeline when seated, giving the impression of a wall-framed painting. The spotlights at night serve to further accentuate the rich green highlights in the garden.

Glamorous lighting
that reveals a sense
of grandeur

The grand beams lined in rows give a rich sense of history, while the same simple earthen walls have been retained, even following continued restorations. The glamorous lighting serves to further enhance the sense of grandeur of the open air space. Adjust the lighting for brighter or darker illumination based on your mood to spend a relaxing time in wondrous surroundings.


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Living room / Washitsu: Japanese tatami floor room

An open ceiling with massive beams exude a sense of history that comes with the rustic charm of a Kyo-Machiya house built some 100 years ago. Light glistens and emanates in different ways from blown glass by a glass artisan, Sota Azuchi, and mixes with our original lighting fixtures covered by Kyoto’s traditional Karakami paperwork to envelop the rooms in a layer of soft light, providing an almost mystical sense of relaxation.
The brightness of the lighting can be adjusted as you like. To fully enjoy the contrast with the impressive garden with bamboo and rocks that lights up at night, why not turn the lights down and enjoy a moment of soft repose with a glass of wine glistening in the dim light.

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We spared no expense in the pursuit of “sleeping comfort” in our bedding. The mattress atop the bed in the main bedroom is a “Simmons”. Daitou Shingu’s original 10cm thick futon is used as the futon mattress in the Japanese tatami floor room. This bedding offers the ultimate in comfort and allows easy tossing and turning, perfect for those with back pain. The top coverlet is a light, warm down quilt to provide a comfortable sleep all year round. You can also open up the shoji sliding screen to the open air ceiling and adjust the lighting on the open ceiling to drift off to sleep in vast open surroundings.

Blown glass lighting by a glass artisan

The Japanese legless chair sofa “tetra”

Spend a moment to catch up on reading in the tatami-floored study space

Original lighting enveloped in Kyo-Karakami paperwork


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Bathroom and Amenities

Stretch your legs and enjoy a nice warm bath while gazing out at the bamboo garden lit up at night. The shimmering surface of the water reflected in the ceiling is also lovely. Shampoos, washroom amenities, and bath salts from the brand MARKS & WEB, which are organic, gentle on your skin, and feature a soothing scent, are available for you to use.

■ Facilities
TV, kitchen, combination microwave, toaster, coffee maker (NESPRESSO), electric kettle, refrigerator, freezer, cups and plates, drum-type washer and dryer, hair dryer, air purifier, free Wi-Fi

■ Amenities
Shampoo/conditioner, body wash, make-up remover, bath salts, face wash, face lotion/milk, toothbrushes, hair brushes, razor, body washing towel, cotton/cotton buds, bath towels, face towels, pajamas (one-size-fits-all), free drinks (coffee, black tea, 2 types of Japanese tea, mineral water)

Room details

Villa-type Kyo-Machiya house for exclusive use: 1st floor (living and dining space, kitchen, Japanese tatami floor room with 2 futon sets, bathroom, washroom, toilet), 2nd floor (main bedroom with 1 double bed, study space)


Enjoy “Shojin Ryori” a traditional Zen vegetarian dish, “Cha Kaiseki” a light meal served at a tea ceremony, and “Kaiseki Ryori” a Japanese full-course cuisine from a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Meal inclusive plans are also available.


Zen vegetarian breakfast
Japanese breakfast


Japanese full-course dinner
Zen vegetarian dinner
Meal for infants

*Other seasonal meals are also available.
*Please be noted that the restaurants may not be available during seasons such as the end of the year.


Check-in time3PM-7PM (If you wish to check in early (10AM-2PM), please make a reservation to check in at our office. See here for more information.)
Check-out time10or11AM (Check-out times cannot be extended/Hours vary depending on the time of year. )
Address276-5 Matsubaracho, Yamatoji Higashi-iru, Shinmonzendori 4-chome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City 605-0063

From Gion-shijo Station

10-minute walk from Keihan Railway Gion-shijo Station
5-minute walk from Kyoto City Subway Higashiyama Station

We recommend taking the Keihan Railway train if you are traveling from Osaka.

By Kyoto City Bus

1-minute walk from Chion-in-mae bus stop

Traveling by bus from Kyoto Station
Get on the Kyoto City Bus #206 Line bound for Kitaoji Bus Terminal from the D2 stop in the bus terminal in front of Kyoto Station.

By car

Guests arriving by car

We don’t have a parking space at our hotel.
When arriving by car, please use one of the many paid parking spots located within a 1- to 5-minute walk (daytime maximum fee of 1,200 yen and up).

Special Experiences

Experiences on offer include trying your hand at Kyoto’s traditional Karakami paperwork, which dates back to the Heian period, taking a stroll in a rented kimono, or making Kyoto-style confectionary at a discount price at our partner facilities.

*Optional plans

Kyo-KARAKAMI Paper Experience
Pottery class

List of Accommodations

Kyo no Oozora Gion Kawasemi

Kyo no Oozora Gion Kihana

Kyo no Oozora Gion Fuka Kikyou

Kyo no Oozora Gion Fuka Yamabuki

Kyo no Oozora Saika Ori no Yado

Kyo no Oozora Gion Houka – West

Kyo no Oozora Gion Houka – East

Machiya Koyado Kyo no Oozora