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Opening April 27, 2022
A sophisticated getaway hidden in Gion

Kyo no Oozora Gion Kawasemi is a sophisticated getaway in the back of a quiet alley near Shirakawa River which flows through the center of Gion. It has the one-storied lounge building which has two different atomospheric garden, the Cypress baths with soothing scent and the guestroom building which has bed room and Japanese-style room. Each building is luxuriously available for one party. We provide Kyoto’s local sake at no charge in the lounge building. You can enjoy luxurious time.

Kyo no Oozora GION KIHANA

Opening July, 2021
Mystical light on the open ceiling

Kyo no Oozora Gion Kihana has brilliant light made of various atomospheric blown glass and traditional Kyokarakami on the open ceiling.
You can also enjoy an illuminated garden of small bamboo at night. Please adjust brightness in modern rooms as you please and stay relaxed.

Kyo no Oozora FUKA-Kikyou

Traditional atomosphere and history
Fascinated by modern feeling

Kyo no Oozora Fuka Kikyo has traditional atomosphere. On the other hand, it also has modern atomosphere. You can view the garden which represents the history of Kyo-Machiya at Japanese style confortable living room and soak in the semi-outdoor bath watching admirable beam and alcove. You will discover how nice the mixture of fashionable atomosphere and modern space is.

Kyo no Oozora FUKA-Yamabuki

Comfortable mixture of tradition and innovation

Kyo no Oozora Fuka Yamabuki provides modernity and the atomosphere of Kyo-Machiya. It has open bath where you feel like being in gardens and comfortable space which match traditional Kyoto’s decoration. You can enjoy youthfulness and tradition of Kyoto.

Kyo no Oozora SAIKA

The purpose of your trip becomes stay in this inn.
Comfortable special time

Kyo no Oozora Saika Ori no Yado has a open ceiling typically found in the Oriya-style weaver’s house and comfortable Zen rock garden. It provides the confortable and healing time which fit trip distination. You can enjoy slowly and special time.


Fullfill your hear with the affluent and gorgeous “Machiya”.

You will realize the fullfillment in your heart with the quiet and the good old fashioned atmosphere. The traditional hospitality of Kyoto purple give you calmness and a feeling of well-being.


Spend your relaxation time at a spacious and comfortable “Machiya”.

Traditional furnishings in traditional navy gives you your relaxing time with your loved ones. You will find yourself spending a comfortable time here.

Machiya Oozora

Your vacation house in Kyoto.

A formality and passion for a traditional and comfirtable furnishing coordinated in traditional navy. Spend your quiet time watching the garden changing its colors within the seasons, giving you the relaxation in your second home in Kyoto.